Winter lip care

Chilly Weather Lip Protection: Essential Tips for Healthy and Beautiful Lips

Cracked skin, fine lines from dryness, roughness... During winter, lips are especially susceptible to the effects of harsh weather conditions, excessive air conditioning in the office, or hormonal imbalances. Embracing winter lip care, here are our simple tips that will help you maintain healthy and beautiful lips throughout the cold season.

Why do lips crack and become dry in winter?

Lips are exposed to extreme temperatures, dirty hands, and bacteria — and through all this, they're expected to remain beautiful without proper care. Every time you drink scalding coffee, step out into the icy wind without moisturizing balm, or apply tint with dirty fingers, your lips undergo significant stress.

The thing is, the skin on your lips is much thinner than on other parts of your body, making them a sensitive target for aggressive external factors.

In addition to high sensitivity, this area lacks sebaceous and sweat glands, which naturally protect and moisturize the epidermis. That's exactly why your lips often become dry and cracked. In winter, things get even worse. The first reason is the cold. Low temperatures, combined with wind, dry out the sensitive skin, causing it to peel and crack. The second reason is the dry air in heated spaces. If the radiators are working at full capacity and the air humidity is minimal, don't be surprised that your lovely lips no longer look luxurious. The third reason, which works against you year-round, is the sun and its ultraviolet rays, which can inflame the delicate skin without protection. But if you follow our tips and do everything right, your beautiful lips will never face these problems. Just try and you'll be pleasantly surprised by the result.

Winter Lip Care: 8 Effective Tips

1. Exfoliate

We talk a lot about the importance of scrubs for the face and body, but what about the lips? Exfoliation activates blood circulation and cell renewal. What are the results? Plump, soft, and tender lips with a well-defined contour. This cellular stimulation has recognized anti-aging effects. Another advantage: lipstick applies perfectly on smooth skin. This is especially important if you love matte and velvety textures that highlight even the smallest imperfections.

How to correctly use a lip scrub?

The main rule: act very delicately. No pressure or intense rubbing. Apply the scrub to your lips, then gently move your fingers across them without stretching the skin. If the product contains grains, make light circular motions, paying special attention to the contour. If it's a soft peel, wait a couple of minutes after applying, then massage your lips with light, smoothing movements.

How often can and should you use a lip scrub?

Ideally, scrub 1-2 times a week and avoid beauty procedures if there are cracks or herpes. Immediately after scrubbing, take care of intensive moisturization with natural oils, special masks, or balms.

We recommend the gentle Exfoliating Lip Therapy scrub with exfoliating particles. Crafted with certified organic botanical emollients, soothing oats, and gentle exfoliating sugar to remove dead skin, lock in moisture, and protect from environmental stressors, leaving lips super soft and plumped.

2. Protect

Maintaining the health and attractiveness of your lips during winter is a comprehensive task that intertwines various factors, ranging from personal habits to dietary choices. In the cold season, the challenge of keeping lips moisturized becomes paramount due to the harsh effects of low temperatures and strong winds, which often lead to skin dryness.

When it comes to selecting a lip balm, the emphasis should be on its composition. It's essential to scrutinize the ingredients, as the efficacy of the balm heavily depends on them. Sometimes, the root cause of lip dryness is the use of low-quality cosmetics. Ideal lip balms are those that contain organic components and are abundant in vitamins 

Therefore, you need to purchase our Conditioning Lip Balm.

The creamiest lip balm that melts into your lips to deeply nourish, soothe, and protect. Crafted with nature's best clean ingredients including certified organic raw Shea butter and avocado oil, soothing Calendula and protective locally sourced beeswax helping lips look more plump, smooth and restored!

3. Do not overuse matte lipstick

We all adore matte lipsticks, but unfortunately, most of them are highly drying. This is due to their special texture, which is meant to be easy to apply and quickly create a luxurious matte effect. And it does this beautifully, but unfortunately, it comes at the cost of drying out the delicate skin. Save it for the spring or use it only in the evening when you really need a long-lasting lipstick.

As an alternative to matte lipstick, Scentual Aroma offers the CORAL ISLAND Revitalizing Lip Tint (other colors are also available in the assortment), which is designed to not dry out your lips while providing the pleasant color and desired effects we expect from decorative cosmetics. 

4.  Don't lick your lips

Avoid licking your lips when exposed to cold weather, as the chilly, frosty air hastens the evaporation of saliva. This quick evaporation results in more rapid drying of the delicate skin on your lips, potentially leading to cracking and peeling.

Additionally, try to refrain from biting your lips. Even minor damage from biting can cause cracks or provoke inflammation. This precaution is especially crucial during the winter months when the skin on your lips is more susceptible to damage and the harsh environmental conditions can exacerbate any harm.

5. Avoid touching with your hands

We involuntarily touch our face about 3000 times a day, and this is a very harmful habit that needs to be urgently addressed. By constantly touching your lips with your hands, you transfer numerous viruses and microbes to them, since you are continuously in contact with a variety of objects - from handrails on public transport to items in stores. So, keep your hands in check!

6. Use makeup remover

This is a mistake every girl makes - not removing lipstick because it has already faded on its own. Even if the color is no longer as bright, you still need to remove the lipstick with a moisturizing makeup remover.

7. Make home remedies from natural products

If you don't have professional cosmetic products on hand, use honey and yogurt. Mix these ingredients in a bowl, then evenly apply the mixture to your skin. Ideally, lie down for 5 minutes and allow the natural ingredients to nourish the dry areas. Then thoroughly rinse off the remedy!

Coconut oil and aloe vera gel also work well.

8. Soothe promptly

When lips are exposed to wind and cold, we often experience pain or irritation but tend to ignore this discomfort, allowing the problem to worsen. Aloe vera is recognized as one of the best remedies for irritation. In addition to alleviating pain, this plant has antibacterial properties that also help heal cracks. Simply apply a piece of the pulp to the affected areas for a few minutes, and the results will be quickly noticeable.


In conclusion, proper lip care in cold weather is not only an important component of your daily beauty ritual but also a necessity that ensures the health and attractiveness of your lips. Using quality moisturizing products rich in vitamins and organic ingredients will help protect your lips from the negative effects of the cold climate. Don't forget about the importance of overall self-care, including proper nutrition and adequate water intake, which will also have a beneficial impact on the condition of your lip skin. Your attention to detail and regular care will guarantee that even on the coldest days, your lips will remain soft, moisturized, and healthy, highlighting your natural beauty.

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