Vitamin C skin glow booster

Vitamin C Serum for Glowing Skin

Discoloration or dark spots are a common skincare struggle. What are they and why do they form?

Hyperpigmentation or discoloration are caused by melanin (pigment) overproduction. Melanin is a natural pigment that gives our skin its color. And it increases due to many factors including sun exposure, age, hormonal changes, inflammation and/ or skin injury. 

As you continue the quest to your most flawless complexion, and help fade discoloration, be sure to include an antioxidant rich product into your routine. The most known is Vitamin C because it acts as a free radical scavenger to block damage caused by stress, brightens and promotes skin regeneration. It is also known to suppress melanin production and improve spots.

Our newest addition to the line is finally here!!

Introducing Illuminate Vitamin C Booster - A very clean formula crafted with a very stable form of vitamin C compared to powder vitamin C which tends to oxidize rapidly. SO you don’t have to worry about it going bad quickly. Just keep the bottle tightly closed in a cool dry area away from sunlight!

  • We incorporated a range of botanical extracts such as white and green tea, olive leaf, rooibos, ginkgo, licorice and biloba extracts. These are loaded with phytochemical known as polyphenols. Polyphenols work as free radical scavengers and inhibit oxidation that can cause damage to skin cells.
  • We’ve created this formula with sensitive skin in mind featuring anti-inflammatory qualities to soothe sensitivity and minimize irritation.
  • Not only vitamin C brightens and helps fade discolorations, it moisturizes and deeply nourishes. And with the addition of hyaluronic acid, this formula can’t even get better because it will instantly plump delivering your most radiant and youthful complexion you’ve always wanted.
  • The scent is going to elevate the entire experience by transitioning you into a spa retreat. Very fresh and uplifting orange blossoms will brighten your days.
  • All of these ingredients are designed to plump, promote biosynthesis of collagen, neutralize free radicals, reduce the appearance of discoloration and promote even skin tone and texture.

We’ve been working so hard to perfect this formula and it is finally ready to be shared with all of you. We’re super excited and can’t wait for you to try and hear what you think!

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