The Importance of Having a Proper Nighttime Skincare Routine

The Importance of Having a Proper Nighttime Skincare Routine

The main focus of your morning skincare routine is to protect your delicate skin from the outside elements including stress, pollutants & UV exposure. Your PM skincare routine should concentrate on repair, hydration & boosting collagen production to keep skin firm and healthy as active ingredients from your products work their goodness into your skin while you sleep.

By following a proper active botanical skincare routine at night, you are giving your skin the tools to regenerate itself faster.

Read through as we break it down into simple few steps using Scentual Aroma Products:

  1. It is very important to start your routine by removing makeup and sunblock with an oil-based cleanser or cleansing balm as your regular face wash will not remove most of the pore clogging pollutants. Our Replenish Gentle Cleansing Balm will do the job without stripping, irritating or drying your skin. This step should be enough if you have very dry skin.
  2. For normal to oily skin, doing a second cleanse is really helpful to remove excess oil while regulating sebum production with our Charcoal Detox Face Cleanser - a gentle daily face cleanser crafted with organic plant oils including hemp, argan, black seed and botanical extracts to deeply cleanse pores lifting impurities gently, protect skin barrier function, balance oil production and nourish skin.
  3. When done from cleansing, prime your skin with our Balance Rose Hydrating Elixir - a great elixir/ toner for all skin types including dry or Clarify Willow Bark Toning Elixir - perfect for oily/ acne-prone skin types.
  4. If your main concern is targeting lines and hydration, this is where you can apply 1-2 pumps of our Plump Hyaluronic Acid Booster and follow with our Intensive Youth Concentrate and/or Antioxidant Protective Serum to treat skin.
  5. Apply your night time cream or balm to seal all the goodness in. Our Age Defying Night Cream targets deeper lines by boosting collagen production, helping to speed up cell renewal due to the content of AHA’s while regulating melanin overproduction to help soften discoloration. Our Beauty Balm helps to soothe skin irritation and calm skin concerns while deeply restoring.
  6. Your lips are also exposed to dirt and pollution throughout the day. Take this last step to exfoliate them to help shed dryness with our Exfoliating Lip Therapy and follow with one of our Nourishing Lip Balms to keep them moisturized throughout the night.

If you want to wake up with glowing healthy skin, building and maintaining a proper nighttime routine is key where you cleanse, tone, nourish and replenish. If you need help choosing your products or finding the right routine for your skin type, feel free to email us at Our team is available to guide you through!

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