Raw Unrefined Vs. Refined Oils in Your Skincare Product: Does It Matter?

Raw Unrefined Vs. Refined Oils in Your Skincare Product: Does It Matter?

What we put onto our bodies is as important to what we put into our bodies. Our skin is the largest organ and it basically absorbs everything we apply on it.

We hear a lot about refined, unrefined and raw oils, does it matter when it comes to your skincare product? It tends to be a bit confusing if we don’t understand how ingredients are processed before being added to a formula.

Butters and oils are usually the main component of a balm or a serum and these usually makeup a big percentage of the final product.

So what is the Difference Between Refined and Unrefined Oils?

Unrefined Oils also known as (“virgin”, “extra virgin” or “raw”) are cold-pressed. They are less processed compared to refined oils. To extract the final oil, low temperature and pressure is used to separate the oil from other parts of the plant including the seed and the pulp.

Unrefined oils are processed through gentle extraction methods retaining most of the plant nutrient dense constituents. Vitamins and natural compounds stay intact thus fortifying our skin with needed antioxidants, nutrients and enzymes. What characterizes raw unrefined oils is their fresh smell and deep rich colors.

Anything that is refined is considered to be altered in nature. Refined oils are highly processed and undergo various methods of processing such as solvent treatment, bleaching or high temperature methods in order to deodorize, remove impurities & color. Most of the time petrochemicals are left behind in the final ingredient. Expeller method is one method of processing which uses high temperature to heat up the ingredient for up to 99°C. This damages most of the nutrient dense plant compounds. Refined oils have a longer shelf life and are cheaper in processing compared to raw oils making them more profitable which is why most large cosmetic brands use them.

Products that are crafted using certified organic, raw and unrefined oils are so effective and this is why at Scentual Aroma ®, we strive to use the most fresh, cold-pressed and organic botanical ingredients. We believe in feeding your skin active nutrients that deliver your most healthy and supple skin. 

For example, our Intensive Youth Concentrate combines 8 botanical oils and 7 botanical extracts; rich in anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, brightening and balancing properties in their most active form. Our Beauty Balm is superior in skin restoring and protective properties combining 10 raw botanical oils and extracts to soothe, repair, deeply nourish & enhance skin's elasticity and firmness. 

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