Promising Anti-Aging Botanicals: Benefits Of Plant-Based Skincare

Promising Anti-Aging Botanicals: Benefits Of Plant-Based Skincare

Skin aging is inevitable but achieving healthy-looking youthful skin is possible. Prevention is always the best way to prolong youthful glow and this can only happen when we approach our skin and our body as a whole by eliminating toxins and using plant-based result-driven skincare. Plants feed our skin from the outside in the way a healthy diet nourishes our bodies from the inside out!

Botanical ingredients in plant-based skincare are well researched and are known throughout history to have beneficial anti-aging skin properties. One should look for the following benefits when using products that claim to be anti-aging:

1. Minimize the appearance of wrinkles

2. Even skin tone and prevent discoloration

3. Reduce Skin inflammation.

Botanical ingredients are superior in antioxidants and these are known to shield our skin from free radical damage. They are also superior in protective properties that can minimize sun damage and promote synthesis of Collagen while improving skin elasticity and firmness. Combinations of certain botanical ingredients in a routine are designed to work synergistically together to target signs of aging and we’ve done the research for you and formulated products harnessing the amazing anti-aging benefits of plants that are scientifically known to work!

The Most Promising Botanical Anti-Aging Ingredients in Scentual Aroma® Products:

Vitamin C: an amazing antioxidant known to help protect & even skin tone while boosting Collagen production. Collagen is responsible for keeping our skin firm and elastic. As it declines with age, it is important to use ingredients that help our skin synthesize Collagen and incorporating Vitamin C in our skincare routine not only protects our skin by neutralizing free radicals but it can promote collagen production. However, it is very essential to consider the type of Vitamin C found in your product as it could be unstable and therefore not effective.

You can find this amazing ingredient in our Our Illuminate Vitamin C Booster. Our formula is crafted with a very stable form of Vitamin C and coupled with botanical extracts known to work like Vitamin C including white tea, green tea, olive leaf, rooibos, ginkgo, licorice and biloba extracts. These contain high levels of phytochemicals known as polyphenols that have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Hyaluronic Acid: is a sugar molecule found in our skin and joint also known as the glue between cells. HA declines with age and applying it topically helps our skin attract and retain moisture to target signs of aging. HA enhances skin rejuvenation, plumps lines and deeply hydrates dry skin. You can find Hyaluronic Acid in our Plump Hyaluronic Acid Booster. It is crafted with clean, plant-derived hyaluronic acid of medium and high molecular weight and floral waters including lavender, rose & violet leaf; super rich in plant constituents to rejuvenate, improve lines and wrinkles while deeply nourishing and plumping the skin.

Peptides: are amino acids that makeup certain proteins needed by our skin. Depending on the peptide, they can help with skin moisture and build stronger skin barriers. Our skin barrier is the first line of defense against the outside elements. Some peptides help our skin make collagen and therefore lead to more firm and elastic skin. You can find peptides in our Age Defying Night Cream. We include botanically derived polypeptides that help smooth lines and wrinkles, regulate age spots and boost hyaluronic acid production in the skin resulting in a long lasting plumped complexion.

Botanical Actives: Lupine extract for example is a firming botanical active extracted from the coatings of sweet white lupine sourced from lupine plants sustainably cultivated in France. This high performance extract is known to stimulate the synthesis of high quality Collagen improving skin’s elasticity and firmness while remodeling the facial contour. This firming active is found in our most loved Beauty Balm & Youthful Eye Serum.

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