Walda Laurenceau

Interview with Acupuncturist Walda Laurenceau

About Walda?

My name is Walda Laurenceau. I’m a NY State licensed acupuncturist. I consider myself a wellness advocate as I am always seeking to improve not only my own health, but also those who are inspired to work with me. I believe that learning never ends and I’m always striving to be a better version of myself to be of greater service, and also to shine in my own unique way.

What's Your reason for waking up In the morning?

It’s An opportunity to start over. Reset my mind, My outlook so that I can better appreciate what I already have and to enjoy it and to find inspiration in the newness Of life and opportunity of the morning That carries me throughout the day. Overnight life can always change for the better.

What is your morning routine?

Stretch in bed if I can for an extra 10 min, or move slowly out of bed. I’m not a fan of jumping out of bed. Put the kettle on. Wash and cleanse my face, brush my teeth. Prep a cup of hot water with lemon. I try to sit a bit still sort of listening to the quiet noise outside or in my house. Write down 3 things I’m grateful for especially if I wake up w a bit of uncertainty. The gratitude list brings me back into the magic and miracles I believe in. Sometimes, I’ll randomly open to a page in a book with inspirational verses from a book titled The Secret Power of Speaking Gods Word. Wherever, I land in the book ( subjects range from: fear, courage, grace, forgiveness, etc...). I take that on as my inspiration, the words I needed to read that day to set the tone mentally.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Being happy with and accepting yourself. Not relying on validation from anyone. Doing what you love and/or learning to do what you love. I believe that inner freedom is essential. Trusting yourself is essential to your happiness.

How do you manage stress?

I do my best to stay away from, or minimize my triggers. So, finding my perfect silence or quietude is very helpful. Moving my body physically with exercise, connecting w friends and family that feed into my mental and emotional health is a plus too. Watching a movie or a show that allows me to escape is another way.

What is your motto?

Less is more. I’m learning to my manage my output, and to do just enough. The idea of always having to do more is exhausting. I’m an Aries, a fire sign, so it’s natural for me to push and go-go, so I’m learning to harness that inner fire better, so I don’t burn it out. I’m getting better at taking the steps needed in the moment, kind of like playing a game of checkers...I move...then you move, or you move, and I decide if I want to move...lol

Walda Laurenceau, L.Ac.
Board Certified Acupuncturist

Photo Credit - Tom Newton for Into The Gloss

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