How to use Face Oil in your Skincare Routine?

How to use Face Oil in your Skincare Routine?

The world of skincare offers a range of different products. Facial oils are rich in beneficial ingredients that can strengthen our skin barrier and deliver supple healthy skin. Most new face oils smell great and feel fantastic.

Whether you have dry skin, sensitive or oily skin, it is important to choose the right one according to your skin type. Let’s plunge into the details to learn how using face oil can rejuvenate your skin.

Facial Oil - What You Need to Know

Botanical oils comprise fats and lipids from a variety of plant parts. You can classify them into essential (volatile) and fixed (carrier) oils. According to recent studies, the lipid composition of oils play a vital role in their efficacy to keeping our skin healthy.

Note that our skin has a substance called sebum which secretes natural oil to keep our skin hydrated. The primary purpose of using facial oil is to supplement our skin's natural oil and add moisture. Face oil moisturizes our skin and repairs the skin barrier. Certain botanical oils are superior in anti-inflammatory benefit and help minimize dryness and skin inflammation.

Emollients and humectants in face oils soften and strengthen our skin’s outer layer and help prevent conditions such as atopic dermatitis.

How to Use Facial Oil in Your Skincare Routine

There is a misconception that if my skin is oily, I can’t use oils on my skin because it will make my skin more oily and cause breakouts!

Unrefined oils feed our skin the needed nutrients to look and feel healthy without looking oily. These oils help to regulate sebum production as well. However, not every unrefined oil works for every skin type. Some oils are high on the comedogenic scale like coconut oil and cocoa butter, meaning they have big fatty acid molecules that will not pass through our skin barrier and sit on the surface; therefore, clogging pores and leading to breakouts.

Using unrefined light botanical oils such as seed oils which mimic the structure of our skin instead, is the best option.

Seed oils have small fatty acids molecules that can easily penetrate our skin barrier, interact with our cell membrane and improve the stratum corneum.

According to recent research, Argan oil and Jojoba oil for example are excellent for repairing and strengthening the skin barrier. They replenish skin moisture levels and help restore skin barrier function.

At Scentual Aroma, our products are formulated with raw and unrefined botanical oils that are super light yet super nourishing. We use seed oils that are superior in antioxidants and vital nutrients to feed your skin from the roots. The results are vibrant, nourished & balanced complexion.

Skincare Tips

For Airplane Travel – For All Skin Types

Use a quality product like our antioxidant protective serum if you’re traveling. Apply 1 to 2 drops hourly to create a protective barrier and prevent moisture loss. Preferably on damp skin after our Balance Rose Hydrating Elixir creating micro-emulsion between the water particles from the elixir and the oil particles from the serum.

For Dry & Sensitive Skin

If you have dry skin using our beauty balm can help promote collagen synthesis, reduce scars, and repair dryness while reducing redness and sensitivity. The combination of raw seed oils slowly infused in anti-inflammatory whole plants for 6-8 weeks helps to protect your skin from UV damage and environmental stressors. We call this balm our first aid balm for calm and smooth complexion.

For Normal to Oily Skin

Try our hero product, the intensive youth concentrate to help regulate sebum production. Formulated with skin balancing oils and extracts such as willow bark. Our formula is superior in skin balancing oils and BHA’s that will go deeper into your pores and unclog them. The combination of 22 active botanical oils and extracts will also nourish, calm and rejuvenate your skin making it the best face oil for all skin types excluding super sensitive and reactive skin.

Summing Up

Facial oils offer a host of benefits to your skin. Make sure you choose face oils that are formulated with raw and unrefined botanical ingredients to nourish your skin and make it more radiant. 

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