How to Prep Your Skin For the Holidays

How to Prep Your Skin For the Holidays

Getting that glow and maintaining happy skin during the hectic holiday season is what many of us strive for. We’ve combined a few helpful tips to get your holiday skin ready!

Along with maintaining a healthy diet, exercising, getting enough sleep and staying hydrated, there are some tweaks to your skincare routine that delivers your radiant skin from within!

If you live in a cold climate, the dry season can impact how your skin feels and looks! Cooler temperatures and dry air causes our skin to lose moisture leading to a weakened skin barrier making our skin prone to dryness, irritation and wrinkles.

First, switch to a gentle cleanser that will not strip your skin from its natural oils. Our Replenish Gentle Cleansing Balm is a nourishing formula rich in exfoliating enzymes and anti-aging properties to enhance cell renewal, deeply cleanse pores, refine and reveal your healthiest youthful skin while cleansing.

Second, exfoliate twice per week! Exfoliation is key in maintaining healthy skin by enhancing circulation, removing dead skin and unclogging pores. And because winter skincare is about layering your skincare products to get most out of the hydration benefit, this step creates a clean canvas and assists our skin to absorb all the plant goodness from our serums, creams and balms. Our Rose Petal Rejuvenating Face Scrub combines various forms of exfoliation to give your skin a deep sweep for a healthy glowing complexion.

Third, incorporate a Vitamin C Booster into your daily routine. Applying this in the morning before you head outside shields skin from environmental stressors and helps brighten and even skin tone. Our Illuminate Vitamin C Booster is an amazing addition to your skincare ritual.

Fourth, Layer your moisturizers to lock in maximum hydration during the colder months. Combine both an oil-based serum and a protective skin balm. This step will make sure that your skin is well nourished and protected. Try to moisturize your skin at least twice a day. Start off with our hero product, the Intensive Youth Concentrate on damp skin, then spritz with our Balance Rose Hydrating Elixir and follow with our  most loved skin restoring Beauty Balm. For maximum hydration, use our Beauty Balm as a deep restoring facial at night to help reset skin and shine bright all season long!

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