How to Layer Your Skincare Products In the Right Order?

How to Layer Your Skincare Products In the Right Order?

Knowing which products go first on your skin is key to making sure they are working effectively. Do you really need 12 different skincare products for your skincare routine to be effective? Not necessarily, There are products you can skip  depending on your skin type, condition or concern.

If you are just starting out, you don’t need a multi step routine. Our philosophy is to keep your routine as simple as possible so you are not overwhelmed and you are giving your skin the right time to adjust. Our recommendations for beginners is to do a simple three step routine where you cleanse, tone and moisturize. When skin adjusts to the new routine, you can gradually add other products.

At Scentual Aroma, we created several products to help target specific skin concerns. Below, we break it down for you in few simple steps.

A rule of thumb is to start from the lightest consistency of your products to the heaviest! Beginning with our Elixirs which are water-based, followed with our Boosters which are water to gel-like textures, then our Serums to feed the deepest layers of your skin and finally our creams to lock in hydration and help prevent trans-epidermal water loss.

Here is how your skincare routine order will look like if you are using Scentual Aroma in your morning regimen:

  1. Cleanse: Using our Charcoal Detox Face Cleanser as your daily wash!
  2. Tone and hydrate with one of our Elixirs. If your skin is normal to dry, we recommend our Balance Rose Hydrating Elixir. If your skin is more oily to acne-prone, your skin will benefit from our Clarify Willow Bark Toning Elixir - this combines benefits from willow bark extract, apple cider and floral waters to regulate sebum production and balance skin.
  3. Use 1-2 pumps of our antioxidant-rich Illuminate Vitamin C Booster to help shield skin from environmental aggressors while brightening and boosting collagen production and 1-2 pumps of our Plump Hyaluronic Acid Booster to plump, hydrate dry skin and help soften fine lines.
  4. Follow with few drops of one of our serums. Our Intensive Youth Concentrate is an all in one serum to balance, brighten and deeply nourish. Great for all skin types including oily to acne-prone as this combines BHA's to help regulate sebum production. Our Antioxidant Protective Serum is superior in linoleic acids, vitamin A & E to calm skin concerns, help minimize redness while fortifying skin with antioxidants. Great for all skin types including sensitive skin.
  5. Finally lock all the goodness in with our Nourishing Face Cream. You can layer your sunscreen as the final step here. We always recommend non-toxic sunscreen which has zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as the main active ingredient. If you wear makeup, you can skip sunscreen and use your SPF containing tinted moisturizer or clean foundation. 
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