How to Boost Your Skincare Routine during the Fall

How to Boost Your Skincare Routine during the Fall

Do you know that your skin microbiome and hormones change with season?

During the Summer, humidity plays a role in keeping skin moist and protected. When the weather transitions to the fall/ winter season, dry air causes skin to lose moisture thus disrupting skin barrier function and leading to sensitivity and excessive dryness. To help with the transition, our skin needs to adapt too. Below are few skincare tips to manage during the transition:

Change your cleanser: use an oil-based or nourishing cleanser that will not strip the skin's natural oils.

Hydrate Skin: humectant-based elixirs that contain floral waters or hyaluronic acid boosters are a great addition. These will hold onto water acting like a sponge to keep skin moist.

Moisturize: add a balm to your routine. Balms contain waxes that create a protective layer on the skin thus sealing in moisture for longer periods. 

Protect the most gentle areas including lips and around the eyes: the sudden change in temperatures also causes the most gentle areas to get easily irritated. Protective eye balm/ serum and gentle lip exfoliant will assist in keeping the most gentle areas nourished.

Vitamin C: not only does this condition the skin, moisturize and help boost collagen production making skin more elastic, It also brightens, evens skin tone and improves skin regeneration. Stay tuned for something new coming your way!

We've curated a selection of your favorites that will help your skin stay healthy and happy all year round!

Replenish Gentle Cleansing Balm - a nourishing oil-based cleanser crafted with pure botanicals to lift impurities and remove makeup and sunblock at ease revealing intensely clean and moisturized skin. 

Balance Rose Hydrating Elixir - a potent botanical mist of freshly distilled roses rich in antioxidants, skin hydrating and balancing properties to reveal your most supple and healthy glow.

Beauty Balm - a universal lightweight protective treatment to soothe, repair, deeply nourish & enhance skin's elasticity and firmness.

Exfoliating Lip Therapy - a therapeutic edible treatment to soothe and protect chapped dry lips. Crafted with plant derived emollients and gentle exfoliating sugar to remove dead skin, lock in moisture and protect from environmental stressors leaving lips supper soft and plumped.

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