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Eczema: How to Approach Your Skincare Routine

What is Eczema?

Eczema is a group of medical conditions that cause dry, discolored, itchy and inflamed skin. Around 30,6 million people (10.1%) in the U.S. have some form of eczema.

While dermatologists don’t point out a single cause for eczema, they indicate several factors associated with this skin condition including overactive immune system and issues with the skin barrier as Dr. Bhutani from University of California, San Francisco Medical Center explains. Symptoms associated with eczema include redness, itchiness, crusty and open patches, flakiness, burning sensation and sensitivity to harsh topical products.

Natural Skin Remedies

Luckily, there are several natural remedies that can help. Gentle skincare and dietary changes will give our bodies the TLC needed to get back on track. Because eczema prone skin types are super sensitive, it is very helpful to use ingredients that are mild, all-natural and derived solely from pure botanical sources as these are super rich in vitamins and minerals similar to our skin structure. At Scentual Aroma, we handcraft our products using pure botanical ingredients that are ultra gentle. Our formulas are fortified with beneficial whole plant constituents that have anti-inflammatory, deep nourishing and restoring properties.

For Body

Use Our cold processed soaps instead of conventional soaps or a body washes. These are very nourishing, naturally derived, free of sulfates and synthetic fragrances which will not strip or irritate the skin. On damp skin, follow with our Tranquility Massage & Body Oil featuring certified organic sunflower, sesame seed and argan oil base infused in chamomile, calendula, lavender, rose & self heal and six essential oils that are known for their calming benefit. Support dry patches or itchy skin with our Heal All Repair Balm. A base of organic olive and neem oils, raw Shea butter infused in whole plants such as self heal and calendula. Rub a pea size on dry areas to lock in hydration and restore the integrity of the skin.

For Face

Cleanse with our Replenish Gentle Cleansing Balm - a nourishing oil-based cleanser crafted with pure botanicals to lift impurities and remove makeup and sunblock at ease revealing intensely clean and moisturized skin.

Tone with our Balance Rose Hydrating Elixir - a potent botanical mist of freshly distilled roses.

Treat with our Antioxidant Protective Serum - a concentrated moisturizer serum rich in antioxidants to support skin function, protect and repair.

Lock in Hydration with our Beauty Balm - a universal lightweight protective treatment to soothe, support, deeply nourish & enhance skin's elasticity.


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