Dry or Dehydrated Skin: How to Tell the Difference?

Dry or Dehydrated Skin: How to Tell the Difference?

We hear a lot about dry skin and dehydrated skin. Most of us don't know the difference. How can you tell if your skin is dry or dehydrated or both?

The Difference?

According to the American Skin Association, dry skin is a skin type where the skin lacks natural sebum and sebaceous glands are not producing enough oils. The skin will look flaky, dry, red or irritated.

Dehydrated skin on the other hand is a skin condition characterized by our skin's lack of water. This can occur in any skin type at any age where you can have an oily complexion and your skin is dehydrated at the same time. The skin might look dull, uneven, signs of premature aging are more noticeable and skin is less elastic and plump.

Ingredients/ Products by Skin Type or Condition

If you want your skin to feel and look its best, It is very essential to incorporate both hydrators and moisturizers.  The purpose of hydrators are to replenish lost moisture which include humectants that draw moisture into the skin layer. This step always comes before your moisturizer (the oil-based serum or the cream). Ingredient or product breakdown to help dehydrated skin include floral waters, Aloe, glycerin and honey. These can be found in our Elixirs; Balance Rose Hydrating Elixir and Clarify Willow Bark Toning Elixir

Dry skin can benefit from including moisturizers rich in nut and seed oils such as pomegranate seed, grapeseed and Argan oils, fatty acids, ceramides that strengthen skin's barrier function to retain moisture, plant oils such as rosehip oil, squalene, and jojoba oils and Shea butter. These moisturizing ingredients are found in their raw active form in our: Intensive Youth ConcentrateAntioxidant Protective Serum, Beauty Balm Nourishing Face Cream.

Mist up your way to plump skin by following these tips. We hope you'll find it helpful. Remember to always hydrate from the inside out. Healthy happy skin starts from within!

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