Diverse Skin Microbiome: The Link to Healthy Skin

Diverse Skin Microbiome: The Link to Healthy Skin

Current research is finding new link between skin's microbiome imbalances and skin conditions. Diversity of these micro-organisms including bacteria, fungi and some viruses is very essential to help our skin defend itself against harmful bacteria and protect our skin from harsh environmental exposures.

What is Skin Microbiome?

We've heard about microbiome of the gut. But what is skin microbiome? Our skin's microbiome is the first line of defense against harmful micro-organisms and environmental exposure. It is known as the skin flora and is composed of an invisible community of microorganisms living on the surface of our skin to shield our bodies from the outside world.

The Link between Healthy Skin and Diverse Microbiome:

Keeping this flora as diverse as possible is linked to healthy skin. Studies show that harsh ingredients found in conventional personal care products can alter our microbiome since our skin's flora is so delicate. Balancing our skin's microbiome is vital to healthy and happy skin. Studies also link the harmful effects of synthetic ingredients on our microbiome giving examples of western practices and how this impacts the microbial diversity in western population compared to other parts of the world. When skin is untouched by these practices, skin showed increased microbial diversity. Many factors including using synthetic ingredients in personal care products can disrupt our skin's microbiome and throw it off balance. By transitioning to cleaner products, we know that we are supporting our skin's health and thus our over all health.

During the transition from conventional to clean and all-natural skincare, some individuals might go through a period of skin changes and these changes could include redness, dryness, excess oil production, sensitivity and breakouts. This transitional period is totally normal and it could take from a week to few weeks depending on the skin situation as the skin will be restoring itself during this time.

What Can you do to help in the transition?

1. Patience is key! It is totally normal to go through this period of transition. There is nothing wrong with the products if chosen to be clean with minimal ingredients. It will not last for too long until the skin has adjusted to the new routine.

2. Start Small: Use a 3 step routine composed of a gentle cleanser, a hydrating elixir and a moisturizer for the first 4 weeks then gradually introduce a facial mask or a gentle exfoliant that you can do once a week or twice depending on your skin preference. Our I Am Restored or I Am Revived Skin Rituals are a great routine to start with.

3. Don't over exfoliate: during the transition period, it is recommended that you keep your exfoliation to as minimal as possible.

4. Look for skin supporting and protecting ingredients: ingredients that will re-balance or increase the good bacteria including a good moisturizer that will work to restore the skin barrier function. This can be found in our Antioxidant Protective SerumNourishing Face Cream Beauty Balm

Caring for your skin is caring for yourself. Be gentle to your sweet skin!


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