Blue Light: How to Protect Your Skin?

Blue Light: How to Protect Your Skin?

We are all concerned about protecting our skin from damaging UV rays including UVA and UVB which are the major causes to premature skin aging. But new research shows that blue light can also cause hyperpigmentation and photo-aging which can break down collagen and elastin. It can also trigger skin inflammation and oxidative stress. The largest source of high-energy blue light is the sun, but screens also emit it; and that's why it is so important to know what blue light is and how to make sure we are protecting our skin.

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is part of the visible light spectrum known to produce highest levels of energy. It inhibits the release of melatonin in our bodies to regulate our sleep cycles. More of blue light during the day keeps us awake and less of it at night makes us sleep better.

How does Blue Light Cause Pre-Mature Skin Aging

Blue light poses skin harm through free radical generation. It has been shown in studies to cause oxidative stress in skin and thus destroys collagen. Blue light gets absorbed by a chemical in our skin known as flavin. During the absorption, the reaction that takes place produces free radicals that cause damage to our skin.

A study published in the Journal of Oxidative Dermatology found that exposure to visible light caused darker and more sustained pigmentation than exposure to UVA1 rays. Another study by the Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity indicated that exposure to blue light can speed up the aging process through production of free radicals in the skin. This indicates that  blue light causes skin aging similar to UVA.

Our laptops, phones, tablets, TVs and even LED light bulbs are all sources of blue light. With digital screens every where in our lives, we are exposed to more blue light than ever before.

How to Protect Your Skin from Blue Light?

The simplest solution to protecting the skin is by limiting the exposure to blue light emitted by devices. Switch to a night mode to create warmer screen color. Antioxidants both internally and externally may help. They can boost our skin's natural defense against oxidative stress caused by blue light. Below are our favorite combination of products that are loaded with antioxidants.

Our Antioxidant Protective Serum is a great protective serum designed to nourish and protect. Crafted with botanical ingredients; rich in polyphenols that act as free radical scavengers. Also, our Illuminate Vitamin C Booster is a potent brightening formula crafted with a stable form of vitamin C and botanical extracts including white tea, green tea, olive leaf, rooibos, ginkgo, licorice and biloba extracts which contain high levels of phytochemicals known as polyphenols to plump, promote biosynthesis of collagen and neutralize free radicals.






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