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Anti-Aging Body Care Rituals: How to Self Care Bath Routine

Just like our face, our body needs attention. Leveling up your body care routine has so many benefits. Body care rituals such as bathing, exfoliating or massaging with aromatic oils are considered luxurious at home rituals that will melt away daily stress, recharge and add wonderful benefits to your skin. It is how we take care of our bodies at the end of each day. These habits make a huge difference on how our skin feels and looks 10 years from now. Here's how to anti-age you body with few simple steps:

Exfoliate At least Once-A-Week

This can be achieved with a good body scrub. Exfoliation enhances circulation and speeds up cell renewal. The process of shedding dead skin cells slows down as we age, thus it is very necessary to assist our skin in the shedding process. Introducing a newest product to the line. Our Revive Anti-Aging Resurfacing Body Scrub! This body scrub is designed to buff away dead skin cells delivering smooth and supple skin. Formulated with anti-aging ingredients including several forms of exfoliation to regenerate skin from the inside out. Designed to firm, minimize stretch marks, brighten, even skin tone and texture while deeply nourishing and restoring integrity of skin. Exfoliating 2-3 times a week is all your skin needs. Benefits of Our Revive Anti-Aging Resurfacing Body Scrub:

  • Presence of different forms of exfoliation including glycolic acid from raw sugar and alpha hydroxy acids from fruit enzymes removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin to brighten and even skin tone and texture
  • Enhances circulation, combats cellulite and firms
  • Nourishes dry and sensitive skin
  • Detoxifies and draws out impurities
  • Frees ingrown hair and soothes razor bumps

Moisturize Your Entire Body Daily

Body beautifying routines include a moisturizing body oil that can be drizzled in the bath if bathing and then applied on damp skin right after showering. This step is so helpful to keeping skin moisturized during the most dry weather. Our newest Revive Refining Anti-Aging Body Oil is also here! What makes this body oil unique is the presence of fruit enzymes that will melt away dead skin cells and tighten skin while moisturizing. Some of the benefits of using our body oil include:

  • Enhance skin hydration by sealing in moisture especially when used on damp skin
  • Imitate the natural lipids found in our skin barrier and thus nourish our skin cells to create a smoother layer.
  • Fortify skin with vital antioxidants and vitamins needed to keep skin younger and healthier
  • Can be used everyday. drizzle few drops in your bath to indulge in a therapeutic treatment while providing maximum moisturization

With all being said and all the wonderful benefits of these amazing products, making time for body care routines will reset our skin, bodies and souls. Connecting you with the most intoxicating botanical aromas out there is what makes this ritual a great sensory journey that you can look forward to using everyday!

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