Maskne:  What to do to help prevent it?

Maskne: What to do to help prevent it?

Posted by Scentual Aroma on Oct 3rd 2020

What’s Maskne?

Maskne is a form of skin irritation or acne due to wearing face coverings such as face masks. When we breathe, the area under the mask becomes humid and creates an ideal environment for bacteria to flourish. Dermatologist Amy kassouf, MD describes it as “bacterial imbalances and friction from the mask can promote acne and rosacea flare-ups and perioral dermatitis appearing around the nose and mouth”

To help prevent or minimize Maskne, it is very important to use the right type of fabric for your face mask. 100% cotton face masks can be very gentle on the skin and will not trap moisture. Also making sure it is washed regularly to remove residue that might cause build up and clog pores.

Skincare tips can make a big difference in getting rid of maskne

1. Washing the face with non-stripping gentle cleanser twice daily and specifically after taking the mask off.

2. Applying a light type of moisturizer to keep the area moisturized and prevent friction.

3. Using a hydrating face elixir throughout the day and making sure the skin is fully dry before putting the mask on again. This will ensure that the area is refreshed and hydrated.

4. Using a detoxifying clay mask 2-3 times per week to help absorb excess oil or sebum and soothe the skin.

5. Skipping makeup or applying it lightly if you can't skip it.

We've selected our top favorite products from the line to help keep acne at bay!

Detox Charcoal Face Cleanser - gentle daily face cleanser crafted with organic plant oils including hemp, argan & black seed and botanical extracts to deeply cleanse pores lifting impurities gently, protect skin barrier function, balance oil production and nourish skin.

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Nourishing Face Cream - crafted with bio-degradable olive oil derived fatty acids, botanical extracts such as flax seed & essential oil blend to nourish, repair & protect skin from the outside elements. Properties include preventing water loss and enhancing skin's natural barrier function. Very light cream that will not feel heavy or greasy leaving skin silky smooth and nourished.

Rejuvenate Rose Face Mask or any Clay Treatment Mask from our Facials - a customizable clay treatment that gently exfoliates refining pores, assist in speeding up cell renewal and improving elasticity of skin revealing youthful and plumped skin.