Natural Skin Care

Our mission is to provide you with natural skincare innovations for fine lines, wrinkles, tired, dull and dehydrated skin free of chemicals and toxins; an effective alternative for sensitive or acne prone complexions. We handcraft our facial care products with nature's effective botanicals for all skin types. Start your daily skincare routine with our detox charcoal cleanser that will detoxify, cleanse & remove impurities from your skin, follow with our luxurious alcohol free rose toner or witch hazel to even your skin tone, refreshing & balancing it, then moisturize with our amazing intensive youth concentrate that is carefully formulated with 22 skin loving ingredients to deeply hydrate, treat & brighten your complexion.We offer a wide range of face masks such as detox charcoal perfect for normal to oily/and or acneic skin, turmeric face mask works wonders for brightening your face & rejuvenating Rose face mask that will make your skin breathe from inside out! We also offer two types of face scrubs such as the charcoal detox face scrub & the rejuvenating rose face scrub. Both products contain the properties to gently exfoliate the skin layer, removing dead skin cells & increasing circulation, cleansing & detoxifying skin due to the content of different clays for specific skin types & hydrating the skin. Some of our best selling face products is our rose cold cleansing cream which acts as a gentle cleanser for normal to dry skin types, a natural makeup remover especially around the eyes and a moisturizer all in one. Scentual Aroma takes pride in making these products fresh to order to ensure their utmost quality & effectiveness.